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About the Studio
Located 5 miles outside of Chicora, PA, Hillside Yoga is devoted to helping ease the pains of everyday life through postures and guided meditations. Originally Back to the Beginning Yoga Studio, Hillside Yoga has offered a holistic practice since 2006 and will continue to provide a relaxing getaway for years to come.

First Time Trying Yoga
There is nothing to fear. Yoga poses have many variations to suite varying levels of strength and flexibility. Classes will include elements to strengthen, increase balance and flexibility, as well as help with breathing and posture.

June Class Schedule

Wednesdays 10-11am Body Healing Yoga
Let's Fix What Hurts

Thursdays, June 7 & 21 5:30-6:30pm Body Healing Yoga
Let's Fix What Hurts

Thursdays, June 14 & 28 5:30-6:30pm Yoga Nidra
The Art of Yogic Sleep

Classes are $10 each.
We accept cash and check.

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