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Yoga Classes to Begin in April
    The winter has been long and fluctuating, but the studio will be opening shortly. I have to begin with an apology. Final decisions about class times have not been made.  Classes will begin in April once I have the soccer schedule my family will be following. However, I would be remiss if I didn't also mention that the back road to the studio has taken a turn for the worse. If you are willing to drive through the mud, I am willing to instruct you.

Class times will be posted once final decisions have been made. Sorry.

Classes will be $10 each.
We accept cash and check.

Song: All Good by Girish
     At the request of a student, this is the song from the album Diamonds in the Sky by Girish. Enjoy.

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If you find this song enjoyable, it can be purchased here from Amazon.
Sea Turtle Song

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Often played at our yoga classes is a song that we affectionately refer to as the Sea Turtle Song. The song is Sita Ram and is performed by Girish. If you are interested in purchasing the album, it can be found here.

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