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Project Peace

Project Peace

2020 was one for the books. Even if you were fortunate enough to not be touched by covid, the year was not what it should have been. Ever the optimist, I have noticed one perk of 2020 was a recalibrating of priorities for many. Personally, I have spent time with my family, tended to projects around home, and used the abundance of quiet for reflection.

This year it is my intention to share peace. I will be a center for calm. I will share my peace with others. Yes, one of the classes I have coming up in March is called Yoga and Meditation for Peace Seekers.

What is Peace?

Peace can mean different things at different points in life. But what is peace exactly? Is it a feeling? A sensation? A state of being?

In yoga we find a connection with a quiet place deep within. That place is where peace resides.

Think back to times when you felt truly at peace. When you are peaceful, the mind is quiet and your body stops fighting.

Through yoga one learns how to access the quiet within even in the midst of chaos on the outside. The more frequently one reaches the quiet space, the easier it becomes to find again.

108 Days of My Best Self

During this time when we are all dealing with our individual situations regarding Covid-19, the thought I keep wrestling with is how to come out of this time stronger, healthier, and more sure of myself. My first 8 weeks of shelter in place have involved stress eating, watching so many tv shows and movies that I am sick of stories, and discovering that lack of time was in no way holding me back from exercising and becoming healthier. The downhill slide was very real for me. But I find that I am blessed to be aware enough to see the direction I was headed and consciously make a change.

6 Steps to Easy Cleaning

One busy weekend can wreck havoc on your once clean house. When times are busy, picking up becomes less important than putting down. Once the activity stops and you begin to assess the disaster zone, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. I'm here with some simple advice to help you reclaim your house and your sanity.

Step 1: Look Small. Don't consider the whole. One of the first things you are going to want to do is look around and take in the enormity of the task before you. That is the best way to find yourself giving up and lamenting that you don't have enough help.

Meditation Music

I recently found this 6 hour meditation music. I like to turn it on while I am cleaning the house to keep me peaceful as I work. I also think this music would be great to listen to if you have trouble sleeping because this music includes binaural beats which are used to activate parts of the brain that being focus, serenity, ans sooth the nervous system. I hope you enjoy. If you have any problems getting the video to load, you can use the link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmPmq-HlG5g.

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