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Guided Breath Meditation
Meditation Music
Learn About Chakras
Peaceful Moments Recording June 18
Chakra Meditation




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Project Peace

Learn About Chakras

This is the best video explanation about the chakras, the main energy centers in the body, that I have found. If you are wondering what the chakras really are and how you can tap into their benefits, this video is for you.

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Spirit Science 2 ~ Chakras
In this weeks lesson, we take a look at Chakras, and how your body picks up energy on a vibratory level. Last week, a few people didn't understand HOW thoughts affected you,...

Chakra Meditation

One of my favorite meditations to put on at the end of a yoga class is Open your Chakras (energy healing meditation) by davidji. This wonderful guided meditation will take you through a visualization to balance the energy centers in the body. I love davidji's soothing voice. This meditation can be found on Amazon and can be streamed for free if you have Amazon Prime. The Amazon link is https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0035MR3QE/ref=dm_ws_tlw_trk4 and you can find out more about davidji and his healing meditations at https://davidji.com/. Happy Meditating.

Guided Breath Meditation

Peaceful Moments Recording June 18

Many times I have heard the comment, "I wish you could come over to my house and talk to me as I fall asleep." Well here is your opportunity to relax at your convenience.

Final Relax Position
Here is one of the stories from the book I am writing, Peaceful Moments. This recording was taken during savasana, final relax on Wednesday, June 18. No yogis were harmed during the recording. Enjoy.
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