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Project Peace

6 Steps to Easy Cleaning

One busy weekend can wreck havoc on your once clean house. When times are busy, picking up becomes less important than putting down. Once the activity stops and you begin to assess the disaster zone, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. I'm here with some simple advice to help you reclaim your house and your sanity.

Step 1: Look Small. Don't consider the whole. One of the first things you are going to want to do is look around and take in the enormity of the task before you. That is the best way to find yourself giving up and lamenting that you don't have enough help. Break the large project down into smaller chunks. Only consider one room at a time. Maybe split larger rooms into separate areas. When I do this, I consider the kitchen table area a different space from the kitchen cooking area.

Step 2: One at a Time. Now that you have your spaces marked out, only consider one of them at a time. Go into one of the spaces and assess only what you see there. Consider the surfaces that will need cleaned and take time at the beginning of each area to mark out the cleaning supplies you will need.

Step 3: Think Smaller. Now that you are in one of the spaces, only commit to tackling one surface. The smaller the project, the better. Decide that you are only going to clear and wipe the section of counter between the fridge and the stove. Make sure that the area you commit to is so small that it seems ridiculous to not just finish this one task.

Step 4: Can't Not. Now that you have a small project in mind, make sure that it will only take a few moments to finish. By breaking your house down to this one project to commit to for a few minutes, you are practicing awareness. You are living in the moment by recognizing that your only goal is so small that it would be ridiculous for you to not just finish it.

Step 5: Change of Scenery. After you complete one small project, maybe cleaning one surface or tending to only one thing; go to another room that you marked out in step 2.

Step 6: Repeat. Once is this new room commit to another small task. Make sure that each task you assign yourself can be completed in only minutes and is so small that it is easier to just do it than to think about it again. Keep changing rooms and tackling small tasks until you have completed all the work that you need to do for the day.

Each task you complete will grant you a sense of satisfaction and will likely help motivate you to continue.

Remember, it is better to go to bed knowing that you did the best that you could to today than to fall asleep upset that you didn't accomplish everything that you feel was needed. You are human and as such you must allow yourself human abilities.

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